Inside Mindrift: Who we are and what we do

by Mindrift Team

Apr 25, 2024

Roles and more

Mindrift is a data generation platform and community for subject matter experts across a wide range of industries. Together, our experts generate high quality data for safe, accurate and responsible AI development. 

Although Mindrift is new to the market, it carries a rich history rooted in artificial intelligence and machine learning. For over a decade, the team behind Mindrift has been collaborating and connecting with industry leaders to advance cutting-edge technologies.
Let’s delve into how we plan to change the game of generative AI, and what we’re already doing. 

Our mission

The rapid evolution of generative AI models mimicking human-like behaviors, such as answering queries and generating ideas, is both fascinating and concerning. While some professionals are skeptical about the impact of large language models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT, on their careers, there is a silver lining amidst these transformations. 

AI Tutors are specialists entrusted with generating high-quality data for LLMs. They ensure these models go beyond simply mimicking human behavior, and instead strive for utility, accuracy, and trustworthiness. Mindrift combines the efforts of these experts to train world-class models, harnessing the competencies of hundreds of copywriters, editors, and domain experts in areas such as medicine, natural sciences, humanities, and more.

Our origins

Mindrift is a community created by the team at Toloka, a well-established data partner in the Generative AI market. Toloka has been driving the AI industry forward with high quality data solutions for over a decade. It serves enterprises and startups as the trusted data partner for every facet of AI development, from training to evaluation. Toloka’s technology is behind leading LLMs, search and e-commerce engines, virtual assistants, GenAI apps, and more.

Toloka is committed to providing the highest data quality to power safe and responsible AI. This is made possible by a global team of 200+ professionals operating across the USA, the Netherlands, and Serbia. 

Working with Toloka, and now Mindrift, has opened doors for individuals around the world to contribute to safe, reliable and responsible AI development while fostering personal and professional growth.

What makes Mindrift different

After incubating experts within the Toloka global crowd for several years, we realized that we needed structured resources within specific domains and a way to operationalize collaboration for reliable data generation. 

We created Mindrift as a dedicated freelance platform and community to meet increased demand for expert-generated data. . Mindrift offers a way for specialized experts to contribute their skills to AI development and serves as a place to collaborate with like-minded professionals to support accurate and reliable data generation

Toloka clients use the high-quality expert data generated by Mindrift experts to develop, train, and evaluate their own AI models for specific use cases.

Our experts generate thousands of prompts, which are now powering a leading generative model in this area. 

Why Mindrift matters

While AI is expected to create millions of jobs, a McKinsey report noted that over half of businesses cite inaccuracy as the greatest risk AI poses to their organization. This is why we require higher-level knowledge and expertise to generate high-quality data, that will safely and accurately train the latest AI models.

  • Artificial intelligence is expected to create 133 million new jobs by 2030 (McKinsey, 2024).

  • 56% of businesses cite “inaccuracy” as AI's greatest risk to their organization (McKinsey, 2024).

Community = 💚

Mindrift developed a new approach to harnessing collective expertise. Unlike traditional crowdsourcing, where data is sourced from many individuals of unknown backgrounds, Mindrift is shaping the future of AI by fostering collaboration and communication among professionals. 

We see AI as a reliable companion and a source of future job opportunities, rather than a threat to the job market. If you share our passion for shaping the future and want to join an extraordinary community of professionals, apply to become an AI Tutor here, and follow future developments on our LinkedIn.

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