Industry Report: AI and the Workforce: Examining Perceptions on AI Training and its Impact on the Workforce

by Mindrift Team

May 9, 2024


How do people feel about the impact AI will have on the workforce?

To discover it, we surveyed 1,000 US consumers aged 18+ and 229 AI Tutors from our own Mindrift community. 

With publicly available high-quality data forecasted to run out by 2026, the role of human-generated data is crucial to guarantee AI’s longevity.

The results show that there is a delicate balance to be struck when it comes to the intersection of human involvement and AI.

Some key insights include:

Optimism and Opportunities

95% of respondents actively participating in training AI models are optimistic about AI’s ability to create more jobs, compared to 63% of general American respondents.

Barriers and Concerns

Almost a third (32%) of American women highlighted technological limitations as a key barrier to engaging with AI.

Familiarity and Confidence

Only 14% of respondents know exactly how AI models are trained, and less than half have basic understanding, indicating a need for education to achieve more widespread acceptance.

Future Outlook

50% of those who actively train AI models anticipate AI creating new job opportunities more than it will replace them in the long term, compared to 30% of general American respondents.

Article written by:

by Mindrift Team