How Anna forged her path as a Domain Expert in Mindrift

by Mindrift Team

Apr 23, 2024


Conversation with Anna: Expert in History

What’s your professional background and education?

My professional background includes over 15 years of working as a communications manager in the culture and entertainment sectors; in particular, I’ve been promoting one of the largest and most significant museums in Eastern Europe for five years. I graduated from the Moscow University for the Humanities and have a degree in cultural studies.

Why have you decided to try this experience?

To be honest, I’ve always loved writing and dreamed of the opportunity to earn money working with texts. Also, I admire Artificial Intelligence technology. I’m confident that, over time, Generative AI will become the most efficient and reliable human assistant. Previously, I had looked at Language Model Tutor vacancies, so I was happy to sign up for this role at Mindrift and contribute to their projects.

What do you like the most about being a Mindrift Domain Expert?

I'm thrilled about this role for three main reasons. First, I get to manage my own schedule and work whenever it's convenient for me, at my own pace. Second, I really enjoy working with information, and in this role, there is always something new and interesting to learn. Every day, I get to refresh my knowledge in the fields of history, philosophy, ethics, the history of religion, and many other topics. It's so exciting! Thirdly, I also love to write and express my thoughts, and I aim to train myself to do so more clearly and simply. And those are exactly the things this role is about. Therefore, it turned out to be the perfect job for me, and I'm so happy about it.

What was most unusual within your Mindrift journey compared to your professional experience?

At first, everything was unusual. This job is very different from all my previous roles. Therefore, the first week was somewhat difficult. However, any apprehension quickly faded as I familiarized myself with the detailed manuals and instructions provided by the team. In general, a week was enough to fully get used to the job and start working efficiently and error-free.

How do you find your balance between freelancing and your life outside of Mindrift (work, personal life, education, hobbies)?

I decided to set aside four hours each day (from Monday to Friday) for freelancing. So far, I’ve been able to stick to this plan. With such a schedule, it seems like there is more than enough time for everything.

Are you active in Mindrift’s Discord community?¹ If so, what do you usually use it for?

I’m not a regular participant in community discussions, but I do read the chat daily to stay informed about new announcements. Occasionally, when I experience some difficulties, I also turn to the Team Lead for advice.

How do you feel about the role you are playing in the development of Generative AI?

I enjoy the opportunity to participate in AI training. Over time, I believe Generative AI technology will revolutionize the world as we know it. This will completely transform the Internet and our way of working with information, advertising, and marketing technologies, among other things. How do I feel about contributing to this development? I’m thrilled!

Do you think Generative AI will play an important role in your future?

Absolutely, I’m sure of it.

What would you say to a person who might be considering this role?

This is an amazing opportunity to enrich the intellectual world while also receiving a good payment in return.

 ¹One of Mindrift’s main values is the power of the community. Mindrift uses the Discord platform to connect AI Tutors and Domain Experts, encourage their communication, help them grow, and keep them updated with the latest platform changes.

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