Conversation with Tech Editor Amrita

By Mindrift Team

Jun 7, 2024


“I’m happy to be a part of this movement and excited for what the future holds”

Interview recap

Amrita has worked as a technical writer for a range of multinationals. With a background in communications, she was attracted to the idea of tackling diverse content and working at the cutting-edge of technology. 

What’s your professional background and education?

With almost a decade of professional writing and editing experience, I’ve worked as a technical writer for multiple SaaS products at well-reputed multinational software companies. My professional background also includes an academic content editor role. I hold an MS in communications and a BA in English literature, functional English and psychology.

Why did you decide to try this experience?

I wanted to join the GenAI movement to gain firsthand knowledge of the developments in this area. As a technical writer, I feel training LLMs through content editing gives me a chance to stay up-to-date while being compensated for my work.

What do you like the most about this role?

As a technical editor at Mindrift, I enjoy tackling diverse content and learning about different programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, SQL and Go. It’s interesting to understand the kind of questions that LLMs might have to answer and to have the chance to shape those answers. Apart from this, it sharpens my editing skills.

What are the main differences within your Mindrift onboarding journey compared with your previous professional experience?

I found that the structured material, guidelines and tests provided for each project at Mindrift were sufficient to onboard efficiently in a self-paced manner. 

How does editing for Mindrift compare with your normal editing work?

Every task I edit involves a different programming language and topic, which requires me to switch focus quickly. In my previous editing roles, I typically worked on specific projects within a single programming language and related topics for a while before transitioning to new ones.

How do you find your balance between freelancing and your life outside of Mindrift?

I appreciate the flexibility that Mindrift offers, allowing me to work while also caring for a toddler. I’m able to effectively apply my skills while balancing my personal responsibilities.

Are you active in Mindrift’s Discord community? 

Yes, I usually use it to stay informed of project priorities, guidelines, changes, and other updates. I’ve also used it to alert other editors to deviations that they can look out for.

How do you feel about the role you are playing in the development of generative AI?

I’m glad to contribute to developing the future voice of GenAI. As an editor at Mindrift, my responsibilities include checking for honesty and harmlessness of the content, apart from relevance and language. I believe these aspects are crucial for shaping GenAI. 

Do you think generative AI will play an important role in your future and how do you feel about the role you’re playing in developing it?

I believe GenAI will play an all-pervasive role in the future, impacting everything from our homes to our work and the world around us. I’m happy to be a part of this movement and excited for what the future holds.

What would you say to a person who might be considering this role?

I’d recommend this opportunity to anyone with the necessary skills. This is a great opportunity for those seeking flexibility while working with today’s cutting-edge technology.

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By Mindrift Team