Nadya explains why generative AI needs that human element

By Mindrift Team

May 13, 2024


Conversation with Nadya: Expert in History, Philosophy, and Linguistics

What’s your professional background and education?

I studied Linguistics and Translation and later pursued a degree in International Relations. My educational background also includes courses in Business Administration, Information Technology, Religious Studies, and Psychology. 

I’ve worked in international relations and communications since I was 21, holding mid-level managerial and leading specialist positions across sectors like government, NGO, media, and business.

Why have you decided to try this experience?

Yuval Noah Harari and his ideas about AI and the future of humanity inspired me. He was the catalyst for my realization that AI-related professions could be accessible to humanitarians like me, an area I genuinely thought was reserved for people with technical minds and backgrounds.

What do you like the most about this role?

I love researching various subjects and explaining complex concepts in simple language. During my time employed in public service, I wrote speeches for senior officials using a human tone, only to be told by my managers, “Nadya, we do not speak like that: we need to speak in a ‘sophisticated’ language so that the average person doesn’t understand us”. When I create prompts for AI, I can be myself and human as much as possible. The paradox is that AI tutoring appreciates authenticity, unlike the real world. By contributing to the information used by AI with my unique human experience, I also find a way to stand out in a world that doesn’t often value uniqueness.

What was most unusual about your Mindrift journey compared to your professional experience?

Working with people I’ve never met in person is something I never experienced before, I realized how important it is to express yourself and communicate clearly. When you work in traditional office settings, open spaces, and break-time talks, you get exposed to different types of communication styles, but they come with their share of energy-draining situations, and I had the misfortune of working with people who were too busy playing the hierarchies games inside small workgroups. Mindrift is different: everyone has clear boundaries and the freedom to work in an environment and I can organize my workspace the way I love and suit me. My dog is around me while I’m working, and I can listen to the music I like without having to sit all day long with earphones to be mindful of other people’s workflow preferences. 

How do you find your balance between freelancing and your life outside Mindrift (work, personal life, education, hobbies)?

Since I’ve always been an in-office person, embracing the freedom of a freelance job has been a learning curve for me. Like any freedom given, one needs to learn to make the best of it. When you have a boss pushing you to meet and achieve targets and KPIs, you tend to work from a place of obligation and pressure, but here at Mindrift, it’s your own motivation and discipline that drives the show. 

Are you active in Mindrift’s Discord community? If so, what do you usually use it for?

Currently, I use Mindrift’s Discord for work-related communication and to ask about our everyday updates on the technical side of the work. However, once I have a well-paced work schedule, I would love to engage more with the community to learn more about other people using Mindrift. I mean, at the end of the day, we are humans, and we have a basic need to interact with each other. I don’t think I could endlessly discuss work issues. One day, I would love to interact with people to learn about their personalities, ideas, and inspirations, and maybe even meet offline with people who live in the same city or country as me.

How do you feel about the role you’re playing in the development of Generative AI?

Although I have a small role, it’s impactful. I do enjoy learning something about AI every day that fascinates and intimidates me at the same time. Getting to know AI helps you to understand how it works and remove the added imagination of what it is. Gaining insider experience is priceless.

Do you think Generative AI will play an important role in your future?

I hope so. 

What would you say to a person who might be considering this role? 

If a childlike curiosity drives you to find out the inner workings of the toy called AI, come and play with us. 

Anything else you’d like to share?

My appreciation goes out to the person who referred me to this job. I think it’s great to bring like-minded people together who are open, educated, dedicated, and responsible. I will spread the word, too, for the privilege of working with people who like to share. Sharing is caring. And I’m committed to ensuring the content provided by AI is valuable.

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By Mindrift Team